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out 24.01.2020


Known for their gripping live performances, catchy sounds and melodies, Crimson Sun has reached a completely new level with their currently released Towards The Light debut album. Hailing from Kotka of southern Finland, Crimson Sun is one of the most interesting new metal artists of the year. Crimson Sun’s debut album Towards The Light has received excellent reviews in the media internationally and has been titled as the debut album of the year in multiple metal music outlets. Crimson Sun has all the elements for becoming a new Finnish break-through act: catchy songs, energetic live performances and a female voice to die for. Crimson Sun was formed in 2001 and went throught many line-up changes. With the new singer Sini Seppälä the band has found its focus and is ready to rock their way into the hearts of the metal audience all around the world.




1. The Beast Within
2. Virtual Reality
3. We Are One
4. The Prison
5. Overcome
6. Fate of Nora
7. Trailblazer
8. Distant Stars
9. Essence of Creation
10. The Last Day on Earth

The Spirit of Unchainable


1. Forever and Away
2. The Spirit of Unchainable
3. Let Go

Towards the Light


1. The Storm
2. Eye of the Beholder
3. Awaken
4. Towards the Light
5. The Herald
6. Portait of a Ghost
7. Enter the Silence
8. The Spark
9. Clockwork Heart
10. Memories Burning

The Border


1. The Border
2. Burned Away
3. Pieces to Count
4. Fire Within
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