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The dashing lads and lass of CRIMSON SUN are back with new and exciting music after two pandemic years. Bursting from the gates with the new single Feed the Fire, the five Finns again show a cutting-edge example of what modern melodic metal means, delivering ultra-catchy choruses and energetically contemporary sound to eager ears far and wide.


Hailing from Kotka in southern Finland, the band and its exceptionally talented frontwoman Sini Seppälä have often been put forward as the next big metal phenomena for years now. They are no strangers to big stages, opening for names like Epica and Omnium Gatherum and performing on essentially every major metal festival in their home country, while also doing precision strikes to prominent music clubs across Europe.


In 2015, Crimson Sun’s breakthrough album Towards the Light received excellent reviews internationally and was titled debut album of the year in multiple music outlets. This success was followed up by their sophomore album Fates, released in January 2020, and was met with an excited welcome and numero us festival bookings. While history found its way to disrupt those events, the band used the chance to steam forward and write their strongest and most diverse material to date.


More fruits of the collaboration between the band and the Danish dream team, singer-producer Cristopher Stjerne and melodic metal master crafter, multi-talent producer and mix engineer Jacob Hansen is to be released in '23.

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